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Medicare Guidelines

North Texas Home Care helps you understand Medicare Guidelines when it comes to arranging appropriate care and knowing the costs associated with care.

Quality Care in Your Home

Understanding Medicare Guidelines

Learning Medicare guidelines helps ensure that patient needs are met and that the right kind of care is given. Understanding these guidelines also helps patients manage their health care costs. Our team takes a consultative approach to helping patients learn the basics.

Three important aspects of learning Medicare guidelines for home health care are:

Eligibility criteria: One must determine if they meet the eligibility criteria, which involves being homebound and requiring skilled medical care.

Coverage limits: The coverage limits for home health care are per-diem, based on the level of care required, and subject to annual caps.

Quality standards: Home health care providers must comply with specific quality standards outlined in the Medicare guidelines to receive reimbursement, and these standards ensure that the patient receives the best possible care.

Nurse Owned, Nurse Operated, Quality Care

Why Choose Us?

On-Call 24x7

Nurse owned and nurse run, we have a registered nurse available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We are JAHCO accredited, demonstrating our organization’s dedication to providing outstanding care to our patients.


All home health aides are certified and work closely with the nurse case manager to ensure quality care.

Local and Independent

Privately and locally owned, we are able to make timely decisions in order to ensure our patients get the best possible care.

Higher Standards

All staff members are required to complete ongoing educational training and in-services.

Careful Coordination

A comprehensive plan of care is developed by our nurse case manager in coordination with the patient’s physician.